RMI is the leading provider of cardiac care in the region. RMI‘s cardiac services are led by prominent Cardiologist who are internationally recognized for their contributions towards advanced patient care. Cardiology services at RMI offer an extensive range of preventive, diagnostic and international services. Utilizing state of the art techniques, cardiologists provide highly individualized, patient–centered care in a number of specialized areas.

Emergency center at RMI has cardiac and chest pain programs. Advanced equipment is available for uncompromised technical quality of diagnosis and treatment. Emergency personnel are trained ‘to think cardiac' .When a patient with a chest pain is rushed into the emergency; ‘chest pain protocol' is immediately put into action to ensure that the patient receives prompt, effective treatment.

The faculty has enormous expertise in every aspect of cardiac care, ranging from standard procedures such as outpatient consultation, echocardiography, angiography and percutaneous coronary revascularization to advanced clinical research into heart failure, cardiac rehabilitation and preventive cardiology.

Tests like echocardiography, exercise testing and angiography have become an essential part of management of cardiac diseases. Interventional procedures like angioplasty have become highly successful and are increasingly popular because of patient safety and convenience. Nowadays, no modern hospital can be said to be complete without these facilities.