Endoscopy is the visual inspection of the interior of the gut through the use of an endoscope. A small caliber tube containing fibers or video optics is inserted through the mouth allowing the endoscopist to view the oesophagus, stomach, duodenum and pancreatico billiary. Sometimes the procedure is simply for diagnostic purposes (simply an examination), and other times the procedure is used for therapeutic purposes, such as the removal of a tissue sample for biopsy or even the removal of a polyp, stopping bleeding from varices, peptic ulcers, a-v malformation, removal of stones from CBD and putting stents in CBD, CPD or the oesophagus after dilation of strictures.

RMI's High Technology

More accurate and timely diagnoses are now possible, thanks to RMI's state-of-the-art video imaging equipment. The video imaging system is networked for computer storage, which allows full-color hard print and VCR documentation of each procedure, long-term storage of all images and videotape recordings of procedures when required.

Given understandable concerns about the transmission of infectious agents, our ability to clean and sterilize endoscopic equipment is critical. RMI ‘s staff members have substantial experience in infection control, and all equipment is disinfected or sterilized according to the highest standards for health care facilities.