Operation Theater

At present Rehman Medical Institute has 4 functional Operation Theatres, while the remaining 4 OTs will be equipped in the very near future. At present four operation theaters are functional, with state of the art equipment, required for Open Heart surgery and all other complex surgeries. The OT will soon be equipped with the latest Laparoscopy and Endoscope equipment.

All the 4 Operation Theatres are equipped with :

  • Ohmeda computerized Anesthe sia machines/ ventilators which can be used for neonate's infants & adults.
  • Siemens Automatic Tables for surgical procedures with Hanaulox lights.
  • 5 Channel Monitors: Displays at a time IBP, NIBP, temp, pulse, CVP and full bio-data of the patient.
  • Heart lung machine with thermo care machine.
  • Central Medical Gases supply and back cylinders.
  • Defibrillators with peadiatric and adult internal and external pedals.

The OTs are equipped with an attached 4 bedded Recovery Room, each bed having a monitor and medical gases facility.

The Operation Theatres have an experienced team of Consultant and resident Anaesthetists, resident Surgeons, Pharmacists, Perfusionists, Nurses, OT Technicians and a well trained Sterilization department.