The Pathology laboratory of RMI is the fastest, growing laboratory of Peshawar and at present the busiest in the private sector. It is equipped with a wide range of modern automated analyzers in chemistry, special chemistry, hematology, immunology, blood banking and molecular biology. Highly experienced laboratory scientific officers are working under the supervision of qualified pathologists. Meticulous quality assurance procedures are followed to ensure accuracy and reproducibility of results. The RMI is committed to provide a swift, accurate and dependable diagnostic laboratory investigation services.

The laboratory investigations are highly affordable and competitive. Bone marrow examination is performed for the detection of various hematological disorders by highly qualified hematologist. Viral serology and molecular biology are two important areas worth mentioning where RMI Lab. has an edge over other Labs. Due to access to highly sophisticated and most modern equipment, full viral profile of hepatitis B is done at extremely attractive and competitive prices and the results are released within three hours. Results of the qualitative HCV PCR are also given within 72 hours.

Many of RMI’S staff members conduct basic and applied research and are involved in teaching the next generation of doctors and paramedical technical staff in the laboratory medicine. The major interest of the department of Pathology in research is hepatitis and hematological malignancies.

Range of services includes:

  • Hematological studies and coagulation profiles
  • Bone marrow examination
  • Full range of clinical chemistry
  • Hormonal studies
  • Full range of serology
  • Microbiology- using standard culture detection methods
  • A wide range of serologic tests
  • PCR for HCV
  • Histopathology

Blood Bank and Transfusion Services

Facilities are available for blood grouping and cross-matching on latest Diamed (Micro typing Gel Technique system). Refrigerated centrifuge is used by trained staff for Blood component preparation (Plts, Fresh Frozen Plasma). These components are stored at - 40 0C freezer for future need of patients within RMI and are also provided to needy patients in other hospitals of Peshawar.

The Blood Bank is a fully operational transfusion service that provides blood and blood products based upon the need of its patients. The blood bank serves all the indoor patients of RMI and also extends its services to the needy patients from around the area. The Blood Bank of RMI is staffed round the clock including weekend and holidays.

Donors are selected following an interview where a strict selection criterion has been devised by the hematologist. Blood is screened for hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, and syphilis.

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