Emergency Department


Many events in our lives are unplanned and unexpected but that doesn't mean we have to be unprepared. A visit to the hospital emergency room may cause a great deal of fear, anxiety and stress. Patients and their families want their needs taken care of as quickly as possible. Our goal is to care for all patients who enter our Emergency Room - and sometimes that means treating the most critical patients first.

RMI's innovative Emergency Ward is unique in N.W.F.P both in design and technology, fulfilling the diverse pediatric, adult care, ambulatory and critical care situations as well as providing cardiac monitoring and cardio version facilities including angioplasty and angiography.

After an initial assessment, patients are cared, based on the nature of the illness or injury. Those in life-threatening, critical-care situations are always given top priority. We try our best to keep everyone apprised of an estimated time for treatment.