Consultants OPDs

OPD of RMI has 34 consultant clinics located on the left wing of the hospital on the first and second floor. It is lofty, and well lighted at every point, and affords comfortable seating accommodation for the patients in order to avoid any inconvenience on part of the hospital administration. Every clinic has a reception which confirms appointments.

OPD provides health promotion diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients who need hospital services without; the need to be admitted would include references made from outside doctors, patients coming on their own, references from private clinics investigations recommendations and public hospital references ' etc .

The Out Patient Department's Philosophy is to provide a friendly but efficient service, which should minimize the patients wait for consultation, treatment or investigations. The out patient team of RMI is working hard to set a clear standard, resulting in achieving continuous improvement in the patient experience at RMI by providing:

  • Convenient and economical outpatient services.
  • "One-stop" diagnostic services, including laboratory, radiology and pre-admission testing procedures.
  • Sophisticated diagnostic radiology procedures, including CT scanning, ultrasound, fluoroscopy and x-ray.
  • Full range of outpatient surgical services, including general, gynecological, ophthalmologic, orthopedic, plastic, podiatric, dental, ear, nose and throat surgery, pediatric.